António um dois três

Antonio One Two Three

Like his predecessors Visconti and Bresson, young Brazilian director Leonardo Mouramateus has chosen to adapt Dostoyevsky’s short story “White Nights” for his feature debut, set against the backdrop of Lisbon. What initially seems like a banal comedy blossoms into an accomplished work in which metanarrative language ends up constituting the backbone of the entire film. The daydreamer in question is called António (Mauro Soares), and we follow him as he wanders around in search of fantasies and romantic mirages that take the form of Deborah, a green-eyed Brazilian girl played by actress and director Deborah Viegas. (Roberto Oggiano, Cineuropa)

Director's Biography
Leonardo Mouramateus
Born in 1991 in Brazil and based in Lisbon, Leonardo Mouramateus directed many short films, including “Mauro in Cayenne” (2013) and “The Party and the Barking” (2015). His work is exhibited at Centre Pompidou as well as the Museum of Art in São Paulo. In 2015, the Cinémathèque française presented a retrospective of his work. “António One Two Three” won the Impact Cinema Bright Future Award at the International Film Festival 2017.

Film Selection:  António um dois três (Antonio One Two Three, 2017) — Vando Vulgo Vedita (2017, short) — História de uma pena (2015, short) — A Festa e os cães (The Party and the Barking, 2015, doc short) — A Era de Ouro (2014, doc short) — Mauro em Caiena (Cayenne, 2013, doc short) 
2018: CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film
Competition Fiction 2018
Leonardo Mouramateus
Portugal / Brazil 2017
95 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Leonardo Mouramateus
Cinematography Aline Belfort
Editing Raul Domingues, Leonardo Mouramateus
Sound/Sounddesign Tomás Von der Osten, Diego Martínez
Music Aerep
With Mauro Soares, Deborah Viegas, Daniel Pizamiglio, Mariana Dias,Sandra Hung, João Fiadeiro, Carolina Thadeu
Producer(s) Leonardo Mouramateus, Gustavo Beck, Miguel Ribeiro, Clara Bastos
Praia à Noite, Filmes do Asfalto, If You Hold a Stone
Austrian Premiere
Rechte Österreich / Austrian Rights

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere

CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film 2018
powered by Linz Kultur & Land Oberösterreich / Kultur
Main Award - €5.000,-