In his second feature, the French-Senegalese film maker Alain Gomis again investigates themes such as identity (or its loss) and the relationship between the individual and society. In Andalucia the individual is personified by the gangling, much too tall Yacine, a 30-something of Algerian descent. Yacine‘s dreams are great but not very concrete, and he compares himself to his own detriment with people who have got much more going for them than he does. Incredibly beautiful leading performance by Samir Guesmi. A playful and poetic quest leads him via all kinds of strange encounters to an increasingly surrealist world and to Andalusia: a state of mind.

Competition Fiction 2008
Alain Gomis
France / Spain 2007
90 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Alain Gomis, Marc Wels
Cinematography Benoît Chamaillard
Editing Fabrice Rouaud
Music Patrice Gomis, Xavier Capellas
With Samir Guesmi, Delphine Zingg, Djolof Mbengue, Bass Dhem, Axel Bogousslavsky, Marc Martínez
Mille et Une Productions 44, bd Magenta 75010 Paris Frankreich T +33 1 4770 4470 F +33 1 4018 4249