Amor eterno

Everlasting Love

A language schoolteacher, once his normal work hours are over Carlos goes to check out the cruising zone in Montjuïc. There he finds Toni, one of his students, a boy who seems different from all the rest and for whom Carlos starts to feel a certain attraction, giving rise to a film that’s as beautiful as it is dark, dotted with an enveloping soundtrack by Don the Tiger.

Director's Biography
Marçal Forés, born in 1981, is a Spanish filmmaker from Barcelona. He graduated from the ESCAC and holds a master's degree from the National Film and Television School in London. His first feature film, ANIMALS, competed at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and won the Crossing Europe Audience Award in 2013. AMOR ETERNO premiered at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in 2014. // Films (selection): YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! (2004, short), FRIENDS FOREVER (2007, short), ANIMALS (2012; CE '13), AMOR ETERNO (Everlasting Love, 2014)
Nachtsicht | Night Sight 2015
Marçal Forés
Spain 2014
69 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vicente de la Torre, Marçal Forés
Cinematography Elías M. Félix
Editing Nahuel González
Sound/Sounddesign Guillem Peeters, Jordi Ribes
Music Don The Tiger
With Joan Bentallé, Aimar Vega, Sonny Smith
Producer(s) Alba Barneda (Canada)
Canada Almogàvers 68–70 08018 Barcelona Spain T +34 93 356 84 83