Even if the mountains of waste can no longer be brought under control in reality, it is crucial, as AFTERLIVES shrewdly explains, to make a new start on the mental and imaginative level. (Christian Höller, sixpackfilm)

Director's Biography
Michael Heindl (*1988, Linz) lives and works as a visual artist and filmmaker in Vienna. His primary focus is on the possibilities of art in public space.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Afterlives (2022) - Heavens Devils Afternoons (2021; CE'22) - All Now, All Free! (2020; CE'21) - Stones (2019; CE'20) - Hard-headed Harmony (2019; CE'20) - Budget Rebellion (A Clandestine Workers Tale) (2017; CE'18) - Theory of Colours (2017; CE'18)
Local Artists 2023
Michael Heindl
Austria / Tanzania, United Republic 2022
3 minutes
without dialogue
World Sales
World Premiere
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival 2022