Little Adrian spends a bathing holiday on the Adriatic Sea with his pretty mother. The owner of a motor boat takes them out for a spin. Adrian senses that the man is interested in his mother and becomes jealous. As the two of them go out on the sea without the boy, Adrian falls asleep on the beach and gets a sunburn. His trust in his mother is temporarily disrupted, yet at the same time Adrian has grown in experience. He proudly sees himself following a girl for the first time. The Slovenian director Maja Weiss describes the intense atmosphere of a hot summer day from the perspective of a child taking the first steps away from his mother to become independent. The beautifully photographed, poetically sensuous short film works without dialogue.

Tribute 2005
Maja Weiss
Slovenia 1998
16 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Maja Weiss, Marinka Šimec, Barbara Pušic
Cinematography Bojan Kastelic
Editing Peter Braatz
Music Zvezdana
With Mlakar, Sebastijan Cavazza, Timotej Majdic
Bindweed Soundvision