Across the border - Five Views From Neighbours / Über die Grenze - Fünf Ansichten von Nachbarn

Across the Border is a polyglot portrait of ideas about borders at the beginning of the 21st century. In an episodic journey from north to south five directors, from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia, present their view and vision of nation, identity and Europe: by placing their personal cinematographic imprint on multifaceted portraits of their home countries, in all their stylistic variety, they open up a broad space for encounters with the strangers next door.

European Panorama 2005
Pawel Lozinski, Jan Gogola, Peter Kerekes, Róbert Lakatos, Biljana Cakic-Veselic
Austria 2004
131 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Music Alexander Shevchenko
Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion Hildebrandgasse 26 1180 Wien T & F +43 1 403 01 62