A quién conmigo va

Those who go with me

Lola and her family can’t pay their mortgage and become homeless. Alongside other families, they decided to occupy an empty apartment block and fight for the human right to a home. María is a high school teacher and mother of two children. She supports victims of the Spanish economic crisis and fights against the suffering caused by the banks and the current political system. They are The Resistance.

Director's Biography
Amparo Mejías was born in Seville, Spain in 1983. She has worked in the fields of journalism, literature, and film. Mejías studied at the Complutense University in Madrid and the HFF München. Having moved to Germany, she finished her first documentary, TRAS EL HUMO DEL DISPARO, with Juan de Cargo. She is the founder of the production company Esperpento Gestión. // Films (selection): TRAS EL HUMO DEL DISPARO (co-directed by Juan de Cargo, 2007, doc), ZORA ZORIAT ZORA (2009, short doc), NATHALIA PRINCESS OF IBIZA (2008, doc), AVE MARIA (2011, doc), A QUIÉN CONMIGO VA (Those Who Go With Me, 2014, doc)
Architektur und Gesellschaft | Architecture and Society 2015
Amparo Mejías
Germany / Spain 2014
73 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Amparo Mejías
Cinematography Amparo Mejías
Editing Pablo Rojo
Sound/Sounddesign Alejandro Recio, Alejandro Cid, Gerhard Auer
Music Do Make Say Think
With María Fernández, Lola Rodríguez, Jose Luis Bañez
HFF München Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1 80333 München Deutschland T +49 89 689 57 0 F +49 89 689 57 99 00 info@hff-muc.de www.hff-muc.de Koproduktion / Co-Production Esperpento Gestión (ES)