A Messenger from the Shadows (Notes on Film 06 A/Monologue 01)

A one-person piece for the “man with a thousand faces.” Silent horror film icon Lon Chaney was the son of deaf-mute parents, and thus, already as a child, perfected pantomime. He rose to fame as a master of disguise with a penchant for grotesque appearances and torturous contortions. Norbert Pfaffenbichler has remounted the forty-six preserved films of the two hundred that Chaney made into a tribute in A MESSENGER FROM THE SHADOWS. A tribute to Chaney’s art, to the uncanny power of the horror film, and to the aradoxical enchantment of cinema: Notes on Film 06. (Christoph Huber)

Director's Biography
Norbert Pfaffenbichler, geb. 1967 in Steyr. Studium an der Universität für angewandte Kunst, Meisterklasse Medien. Pfaffenbichler ist Künstler, Filmemacher und Kurator. Seine Arbeiten waren Teil zahlreicher Festivals und Ausstellungen. // Filme (Auswahl): NOTES ON FILM 01 ELSE (2002), A1B2C3 (2006), MOSAIK MÉCANIQUE (2007; CE '08), INTERMEZZO (NOTES ON FILM 04) (2012; CE '12), CONFERENCE (NOTES ON FILM 05) (2011; CE '12) A MESSENGER FROM THE SHADOWS (NOTES ON FILM 06 A/Monologue 01) (2013)
Local Artists 2013
Norbert Pfaffenbichler
Austria 2012
60 minutes
without dialogue
Music Bernhard Lang