850 000 Trümmer der Erinnerung

An examination of the „Monument to the Rubble Women“ unveiled in 2018 at the Mölker Bastei in Vienna and the myth that is materialized in it.

Director's Biography
Sabrina Kern is a Linz-based artist working as lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Media, Aesthetics and Pragmatics of Audiovisual Media and Co.Lab | Remembrance work • aesthetic and political practices at the University of Art and Design Linz. Martin Weichselbaumer is an artist, teacher and educator and lives in Vienna.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
850 000 Trümmer der Erinnerung (2022) - Mnemotop (2018, Weichselbaumer, co-directed with Samira Fux; CE'19)
Local Artists 2023
Sabrina Kern, Martin Weichselbaumer
Austria 2022
11 minutes
Screenplay Sabrina Kern, Martin Weichselbaumer
Cinematography Laurin Döpfner, Sabrina Kern, Martin Weichselbaumer
Editing Martin Weichselbaumer
Sound/Sounddesign Armin Lehner, Oliver Brunbauer
Music Armin Lehner
With Regina Picker
Producer(s) Sabrina Kern, Martin Weichselbaumer
Additional Credits
Bettina Wöss, Simon Falkinger, Fritz Hummer, Klemens Kolhlweis, Michael Aicher
Additional Credits
Sprecherin Dolores Winkler
World Premiere
Musa, Vienna 2022