5 Sekunden

5 Seconds

5 SEKUNDEN is a documentary film about Lisa, who has been blind since birth. When Lisa was little, she could still distinguish between light and dark – today, at the age of 19, she has only a very small remainder of vision. In 5 SEKUNDEN she expressively answers questions like: “What is beauty for you?” or “How do you imagine people?”

Director's Biography
Sarah Hiebl, geb. 1993 in Windhaag bei Freistadt, wuchs in Wien auf und maturierte 2012 an der Höheren Graphischen Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt. Im Zuge der Matura entstand auch ihr erster Film, 5 SEKUNDEN (2012).
Local Artists 2013
Sarah Hiebl
Austria 2012
6 minutes