23 Dohlen - Deichkind

A man walks home alone at night, but 23 jackdaws seem to be after him, exerting some kind of dark effect onto him. Can he escape their spell?

Director's Biography
Adrian Suknjov and Livia Weinberger were both born in Steyr, Upper Austria. Suknjov is a fine arts student at the University of Arts Linz, while Weinberger completed studies in social work and social management, is a trained make-up artist and currently works as a probation officer.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
23 Dohlen (2020) - Fish out of Water (2019) - Evolution of Playing (2018) - Treffpunkt Tankstelle (2018)
Local Artists 2021
Adrian Suknjov, Livia Weinberger
Austria 2020
4 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Adrian Suknjov, Livia Weinberger
Cinematography Adrian Suknjov
Editing Adrian Suknjov
Music Deichkind
Producer(s) Adrian Suknjov