18 Women

18 Women is a filmic encounter with eighteen women, whose subjective selection is juxtaposed with a stringent temporal and formal concept. The sound was developed especially for each scene, jointly by Andreas Kurz and Cherry Sunkist, and added in a live improvisation.

Director's Biography
KARIN FISSLTHALER, geb. 1981 in Oberndorf. Studium Experimentelle Gestaltung an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Seit 2003 Musikerin (aka Cherry Sunkist). Arbeitet in den Bereichen Video/Film, Installation und Sound. Lebt in Linz und Wien.

Filme (Auswahl): I don‘t know who you are (2006; CE '07), The Sound of ... (Past Perfect) (2007; CE '08), Imaging Machine (2008; CE '09), I´ll be your mirror/PT.1(Norma) (2010; CE '10), I´ll be your mirror/PT.2(Andy) (2010)
Local Artists 2011
Karin Fisslthaler
Austria 2010
23 minutes
without dialogue