13 (Tzameti)

It is primarily its frank cheek and explosive violence that give this feature début its oppressive and mysterious mood. 13 (Tzameti) is the story of Sébastien, who finds himself in a clandestine world where men gamble behind locked doors with the lives of other men, in which chaos reigns and an ice cold survival instinct seems to be the only way out. (Sandra den Hamer) The idea for the film came from the experience of moving from Georgia to France. I had left a violent country suffering a civil war, and arrived in the seemingly peaceful France. But slowly I discovered a different form of violence that exists in France, a more psychological one. (G. Babluani)

Competition Fiction 2006
Géla Babluani
France / Georgia 2005
black & white
93 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Géla Babluani
Cinematography Tariel Meliava
Editing Nóemi Moreau
Music East (Troublemakers)
With Georges Babluani, Aurélien Recoing, Pascal Bongard, Fred Ulysse, Nicolas Pignon, Vania Vilers, Christophe Vandevelde
Les Films de la Strada 33, Rue d‘Hauteville 75017 Paris Frankreich T +33 1 43 80 50 79 strada.films@laposte.net