11x16rash - STURMHERTA

11X16RASH by STURMHERTA (Daniel Haas) creates a hyperreal environment in which the head of the artist is exposed to the violent forces of its sonic surroundings.

Director's Biography
Daniel Haas creates audiovisual art using sound synthesis, real-time graphics, and animation. His work is performed and released mostly under the name Sturmherta. He was born in Schärding, Upper Austria, and lives in Linz.
Films - Selection
11x16rash - STURMHERTA (2021) - Quarzfett - Sturmherta (2020)
Local Artists 2022
Daniel Haas
Austria 2021
5 minutes
Music Video

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Screenplay Daniel Haas
Cinematography Daniel Haas
Editing Daniel Haas
Music STURMHERTA (Daniel Haas)
Producer(s) Daniel Haas
World Sales
Portable Storage Unit