11'e 10 Kala

10 to 11

This is the story of a passionate collector, Mithat, and the concierge of his building, Ali. For Mithat, Istanbul is as vast as his collections, while for Ali, who comes from a country village, it is nothing more than a few blocks around him. When the neighbors decide to have the building refurbished for fear of earthquakes and the desire for a more valuable house, Mithat‘s most challenging struggle to save his collections begins. The building becomes the common destiny of these two men living alone, who will involuntarily change each other‘s fate.

Director's Biography
Pelin Esmer, geb. 1972 in Istanbul. Ihr Regiedebüt Koleksiyoncu (The Collector, 2002, Dok), gewann beim Independent Film Festival in Rom den Preis für den besten Dokumentarfilm. Auch ihr zweites Werk Oyun (The Play, 2005, Dok), wurde mit zahlreichen Preisen bedacht. 2005 gründete sie Sinefilm. Pelin Esmers erster Spielfilm 11’e 10 Kala wurde mit dem Spezialpreis der Jury auf dem Istanbul International Film Festival ausgezeichnet.

Filme (Auswahl): Koleksiyoncu (The Collector, 2002, Dok), Oyun (The Play, 2005, Dok; Crossing Europe 2006), 11’e 10 Kala (10 to 11, 2009)
Competition Fiction 2010
Pelin Esmer
Turkey / France / Germany 2009
110 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Pelin Esmer
Cinematography Özgür Eken
Editing Ayhan Ergürsel, Pelin Esmer, Cem Yıldırım
With Nejat Isler, Mithat Esmer, Tayanc Ayaydin, Lacin Ceylan, Savas Akova
Sinefilm Akıncı Bayırı Sokak 18/4 Mecidiyeköy Istanbul 34394 Türkei T +90 212 266 09 68 F +90 212 272 14 07 info@sinefilm.com www.sinefilm.com
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