10.000 KM

Long Distance

Alexandra and Sergio have just decided to have a baby when a news arrives that turns their plans upside down: Alexandra has been offered a year-long artist's residency in Los Angeles. It is her best – and maybe only – opportunity to relaunch a stagnating career in photography. Certain of their relationship's solidity, they face the new challenge head-on. Video chats and e-mails become their everyday tools for staying in touch between Barcelona and Los Angeles. For months they only have the virtual image of the other, with their communication problems, with the obligation to talk every day even when there's nothing to say, with jealousy, with the longing for physical contact. Two people who love each other, two apartments and the images of their past, present and future. Can love survive a distance of 10.000 km?

Director's Biography
Carlos Marques-Marcet, born 1983 in Barcelona, Spain, is an editor and a director. He studied visual communication at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and got his Master of Fine Arts at the UCLA School of Film and Television. Marques-Marcet directed several shorts and edited projects for film and TV, including the feature film CARACREMADA (2010, CE '11) by Lluís Galter. LONG DISTANCE is his first feature film. // Films (selected): I'LL BE ALONE (2010, short), EL DIA QUE LA CONOCIMOS (2012, doc short), THE YELLOW RIBBON (2012, short), LONG DISTANCE (2014)
2014: CROSSING EUROPE Audience Award - Best Fiction Film
Competition Fiction 2014
Carlos Marques-Marcet
Spain / USA 2014
95 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Clara Roquet, Carlos Marques-Marcet
Cinematography Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Editing Juliana Montañés
Sound/Sounddesign Jonathan Darch
With Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer
Lastor Media Ronda Sant Antoni 44, 3r 1a 08002 Barcelona Spain T +34 93 443 07 69 info@lastormedia.com www.lastormedia.com <b>Produzenten / Producers</b>: Tono Folguera, Jana Díaz Juhl, Sergi Moreno