Valkoinen taivas

White Sky

A glance across the border in northern Russia, where the small town of Montegorsk suffers under the heavy metal from industry. Nature is transformed into a poisonous desert: in long shots the camera probes the pale, skeleton-like branches of the dead trees. The small family, whose everyday life Helke and Suutari follow, lives in a state of waiting: waiting for the next German car, the next medical examination, the next holidays. White Sky exemplifies the artists‘ approach with currents of time flowing together: no one can say how long it will take for nature to regenerate itself here; yet people live here in their own time, with their own individual wishes and expectations. (mp)

Tribute 2006
Susanna Helke
Finland 1998
54 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Susanna Helke, Virpi Suutari
Cinematography Tuomo Virtanen
Editing Susanna Helke, Virpi Suutari
Music Sanna Salmenkallio
Kinotar Oy Vuorikatu 16 a 9 00100 Helsinki Finnland T +358 9 1351 864 F +358 9 1357 864