The story centers around the people of a small Kyrgiz village following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence that Kyrgyzstan gained then. Completely unexpectedly, the mechanisms of state centralisation ceased to function. The hero of the story is the Kyrgyzstan people, who have to bear the consequences until solutions for coping with the problems are found. Clearly, only humour and self-ridicule are capable of grasping and understanding the whole force of the sad images that everyday life has to offer. The humour this involves is beyond laughter, because it arises from the absurdity of the situation. (Ernest Abdyjaparov)

European Panorama 2006
Ernest Abdyshaparov
Kyrgyzstan / Germany 2005
84 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Ernest Abdyjaparov
Cinematography Jorzsh Hamitski, Talant Akyubekov
Editing Saida Sykykova
Music Ernest Abdyjaparov
With Abylov Kumandor, Tokon Dairbekov, Shambyl Abdylda, Arsen Umuralijev, Kanybek Toko
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