Liefde is Aardappelen

Love Is Potatoes

One day, Dutch filmmaker Van der Horst was given her inheritance: six square meters, one sixth of a wooden house in the Russian countryside where her mother grew up. She began a journey back into the childhood of her Russian mother and her five sisters, all of whom struggled with fear, famine and war in Stalin's Russia. Aliona's quest into the fate of her family becomes a poignant and poetic film. Accompanied by the magical animation of Simone Massi, unimaginable events in the Soviet past are given an immediate charge. The filmmaker tells the tale of Soviet terror, immense bravery and a fear that has never left those four walls.

Director's Biography

Tribute 2024
Aliona van der Horst
Netherlands 2017
color & black and white
90 minutes
Russian / Dutch
OV with English subtitles

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Screenplay Aliona van der Horst
Cinematography Aliona van der Horst, Maasja Ooms
Editing Aliona van der Horst, Maasja Ooms, Oliver Huddleston
Sound/Sounddesign Tim van Peppen
Music Stefano Sasso
With Zoya Zotova, Elizaveta Rusinova, Tatiana Ionova, Aleksander Rusinov
Producer(s) Frank van den Engel
Zeppers Film & TV
World Sales
Square Eyes
World Premiere
DOK Leipzig 2017