Katalin Varga

As soon as he discovers that he is not Orbán’s father, Katalin Varga’s husband throws her out of the house. Banished by her husband and her village, she is left with no other choice than to set out on a quest to find the real father of her son, Orbán. Taking him with her under another pretence, Katalin travels through the Carpathians, having decided to reopen a sinister chapter from her past and take revenge. The hunt leads her to a place she prayed she would never set foot in again eleven years ago.

Director's Biography
Peter Strickland, geboren 1973 in Reading, Großbritannien. Adaptierte 1992 Kafkas „Die Verwandlung“ für ein Amateurtheater. Realisierte zahlreiche Kurzfilme, war 1997 mit Bubblegum (1996, KF) auf der Berlinale. Gründete 1996 mit Freunden das Kunstprojekt „The Sonic Catering Band“, das sich mit Body-Pop, Sound-Poetry und entomologisch-akustischen Exkursionen einen Namen gemacht hat. Katalin Varga ist sein Spielfilmdebüt.

Filme (Auswahl): Bubblegum (1996, KF), A Metaphysical Seducation (2004, KF)
European Panorama 2009
Peter Strickland
Romania / Great Britain / Hungary 2009
82 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Peter Strickland
Cinematography Márk Györi
Editing Mátyás Fekete
Music Steven Stapleton, Geoff Cox
With Hilda Péter, Norbert Tankó, László Mátray, Roberto Giacomello, Tibor Pálffy, Melinda Kántor, Sebastian Marina, Attila Kozma
Produzent Tudor Giurgiu Koproduzenten Oana Giurgiu, Peter Strickland Koproduktion Ross Sanders Production International (GB), Peter Strickland (HU) Libra Film Popa Soare Strada 52 (Et.1, Ap. 4) Bucureşti Sector 2 Rumänien T +40 2132 66480 F +40 2132 60268 office@librafilm.net www.librafilm.net