Ermanno is an Italian low-life. Lena is a Polish girl, seven months pregnant. They are two strangers. Lena has come to Italy to sell her baby. Ermanno has to pretend to be the father so that he can entrust the newborn to his uncle Fabio in an adoption between relatives. But Sole, Lena’s daughter, is born pre-term so she must breastfeed her before she can go away with her money. Lena tries to deny the bond with her baby but Ermanno starts to take care of them as if he was the real father. (Venice International Film Festival 2019)

Director's Biography
Carlo Sironi: Carlo Sironi, born in Rome in 1985, began working in the film industry as an assistant director. “Sofia”, his first short film, was selected for competition at various international festivals. Since 2011, he has been directing video clips. In 2010, the documentary “Ariadne’s Thread” was screened at the Arcipelago Film Festival. “Sole” is Sironi's feature debut and premiered in Venice. Film Selection: Sole (2019) - Valparaiso (2016, short) - Cargo (2012, short) - Il Filo di Arianna (Ariadne’s Thread, 2011, doc) - Sofia (2008, short)
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020
Carlo Sironi
Italy / Poland 2019
100 minutes
Italian / Polish
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Giulia Moriggi, Carlo Sironi, Antonio Manca
Cinematography Gergely Poharnok
Editing Andrea Maguolo
Sound/Sounddesign Stefano Sabatini, Marzia Cordò, Michał Fojcik
Music Teoniki Rożynek
With Sandra Drzymalska, Claudio Segaluscio, Barbara Ronchi, Bruno Buzzi
Producer(s) Giovanni Pompili, Agnieszka Wasiak
Kino Produzioni, Lava Films, RAI Cinema
World Sales
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Venice International Film Festival 2019
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status:
Austrian Premiere

Weltpremiere / World Premiere:
Venice International Film Festival 2019