Peace Kicking Mission Kosovo

For three weeks amateur football players travel through the crisis region of Kosovo and play football with people. Outside the playing field, the film portrays the Kosovar and Serbian footballers in their social environment. The game and the filming bring people closer together.

Director's Biography
name*it gegründet 2007, produziert Reportagen, Dokumentationen und Berichte für Radio, Print, Fernsehen, Web-TV/-Radio. name*it sind: Monika Kalcsics, Clemens Foschi, Thomas Haunschmid, Christian Lerch und Peter Waldenberger. Peter Waldenberger, geb. 1968 in OÖ, arbeitet als Radiojournalist bei Ö1.

Filme (Auswahl): Il Mare e la Torta (2003, von Edgar Honetschläger; Ton), Laguna Negra (2004, Dok), in Arbeit: Kap Transmissions (Dok)
Local Artists 2009
Austria 2008
58 minutes
Cinematography Thomas Woschitz, Miguel Dieterich
Editing Thomas Woschitz, Wolfgang Auer