Patty - Alex The Flipper

Rules are made to be broken – and that’s exactly the approach that Patty takes too. In search of its own form, it liberates itself from all filmic norms. The result is a wild mix of optical Dadaism, audiovisual hiccups, and epileptic moving image. Or however else you want to call it.

Director's Biography
Luzi Katamay, geb. 1982. Studium an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Christian Dietl, geb. 1984. // Gem. Filme (Auswahl): BAUAN LIANG NED – HINTERLAND (2011; CE '12), COUNTABLY INFINITE – A.G. TRIO (2012; CE'13), PATTY – ALEX THE FLIPPER (2014)
Local Artists 2014
Luzi Katamay
Austria 2014
4 minutes