Mientras Duermes

Sleep Tight

Balagueró creates scenes that are the definition of nerve-jangling, not necessarily because of the threat of extreme physical violence – though that's an always-present concern when you're dealing with a villain this cruel – but because it's dangling out at the edge of believability. Perhaps Balagueró crosses the line a time or two. But I savored every suspenseful moment that flew by, literally biting my nails, right up to the dreaded, though somewhat inevitable, time bomb of an ending. You may not be able to do what the title suggests after you see this movie.” (Twitchfilm.com)

Director's Biography
Jaume Balagueró, born 1968 in Lleida, Spain, studied communication science in Barcelona. Afterwards he worked for some years as assistant to the argentinean filmmaker Héctor Fáver and as a filmjournalist. Balgueró made several shorts before directing his first feature film Los sin nombre (The Nameless, 1999). Sleep Tight was screened at Fantastic Fest Austin and Sitges Film Festival 2011. // Films (Selected): DARKNESS (2002), FRAGILES (Fragile – A Ghost Story, 2005), [REC] (2007, together with Paco Plaza; CE '08), [REC]² (2009, together with Paco Plaza; CE '10), MIENTRAS DUERMES (Sleep Tight, 2011)
Nachtsicht | Night Sight 2012
Jaume Balagueró
Spain 2011
102 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Alberto Marini
Cinematography Pablo Rosso
Editing Guillermo de la Cal
Sound/Sounddesign Jordi Rossinyol
Music Lucas Vidal
With Luis Tosar/Marta Etura/Alberto San Juan
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