Micha Shagrir - the Linzer Candy Boy

Micha Shagrir (1937 – 2015) was an icon and a pillar of Israeli Film. He was born as Michael Schwager in Linz, Austria. In 1938 his family could escape the Nazi extermination. The estate of the late Israeli producer-director Micha Shagrir consists of 5000 films, raw materials, TV articles, radio programs and screenplays, among them on-screen milestones of the Israeli film and television industry as well as personal films dealing with his Austrian heritage. Micha Shagrir – The Linzer Candy Boy is an Austrian look on the complex life story of one of Israel's most prominent filmmakers.

Director's Biography
Michael Pfeifenberger: Michael Pfeifenberger was born in 1965 in Zederhaus-Salzburg. He worked on numerous international cinema and TV-productions as an assistant director, production manager, director and author, and has been a filmmaker since 1995.

Film Selection: Micha Shagrir – The Linzer Candy Boy (2020, doc) - Desert Kids (2016, doc) - Todespolka (2009) - Josef Winkler – Der Kinoleinwandgeher (The Cinemascreenwalker, 2008, doc) - Else`s Song - Yerushalaim Shel Else (2007, short) - Chaltura - Leila & Lena (2006) - 011 Beograd - Survival in the City (2003) - Thanksgivin' – Die nachtblaue Stadt (2000) - Alles werden gut (All shall be well, 1998, short) - That`s all Johnny (1996, short)
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020
Michael Pfeifenberger
Austria / Israel 2020
65 minutes
German / English / Hebrew
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Michael Pfeifenberger
Cinematography Meni Elias, Astrid Heubrandtner
Editing Christine Dériaz
Sound/Sounddesign Haim Meir, Günther Tuppinger
Music Gustl Maly, Gerald Benesch
With Ruth Diskin, Benjamin Freidenberg, Orin Shagrir, Iris Shagrir, Josef Pühringer, Christine Dollhofer, Alenka Maly, Frank Stern, Michael Pfeifenberger, Meni Elias
Producer(s) Stephan Demmelbauer
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Jerusalem Cinémathèque, Israel, February 2020