Lo bueno de llorar

About crying

Lo bueno de llorar tells the story of a couple’s relationship as it ends. It is not an easy split. Instead it follows a long night of decisions, doubts, fears, lies, silences, reflections and discussions. The story is a journey from the highest point of Barcelona down to the sea. Over the course of an entire night, the characters pursue a path which, although they do not know it, they will never be able to retrace. It is a minimalist film which aims to reveal the feelings that hide behind any relationship of love.

European Panorama 2008
Matías Bize
Spain / Chile 2007
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Matías Bize, Matías Cornejo Bunger
Cinematography Gabriel Diaz
Editing Sergi Dies
Music Diego Fontecilla, Rodrigo Jarque
With Alex Brendemühl, Vicenta Ndongo,Toni Gonzalez, Paul Berrondo, Andrés Herrera
Produzenten Alexis Borràs, Nestór Domènech, Montserrat Martí, Vicenta Ndongo, Oriol Ferrer, Matías Bize DiBa Films Calle Zamora, 46-48, 4-5 08025 Barcelona Spanien T +34 93 3013 996 nestor@dibafestival.com www.lobuenodellorar.cl