Îles Flottantes

Floating Islands

Three girlfriends are used to facing the world with irony and self-awareness. The thirtieth birthday of one of them is reason to take life more seriously. Yet life only gets more complicated. Kaat leaves Max the day after her big birthday and moves in with her friend Sascha. Kaat is in trouble: she is pregnant and doesn’t know if the father is Max or Christophe, who she has also been seeing recently. Christophe is the boyfriend of Isa, another good friend of Kaat and Sascha. While Sascha and Isa try to find out what is really going on, Kaat keeps her mouth tightly shut and makes plans to cover her tracks by arranging a speedy abortion. When it turns out that Kaat isn’t pregnant after all, she thinks her main problem is solved. She confesses everything to Sascha and wants to return to Max immediately. However, Kaat’s actions have set in motion a chain of events that is not that easily reversed. For example, Max does not want Kaat back and Sascha insists she tell Isa the truth.

Director's Biography
NANOUK LEOPOLD, geboren 1968, besuchte die Willem de Kooning Akademie für Kunst in Rotterdam und anschließend die Filmakademie / Amsterdam. Ihr Debüt Îles Flottantes wurde von Stienette Bosklopper produziert und von Katharina Wartena geschnitten, zwei Frauen, mit denen sie seit mittlerweile über zehn Jahren erfolgreich zusammenarbeitet. Neben dem Filmemachen schrieb Leopold zeitweise auch über das Kino. Sie interviewte Eric Rohmer (für Skrien) oder schrieb eine erfrischend detailreiche Analyse des breiten Gürtels, den Olivier Gourmet als Tischler im Dardenne-Film Le Fils trägt (für de Filmkrant).

Filmography as director / Filmografie als Regisseurin: Fishy (gem. mit Froukje Tan, 1994, short), Weekend (1998, graduation film / Abschlussfilm), Marseille 1-2 (1998, short), Max Lupa (1999, short, for VPRO television), Îles Flottantes (2000), La Grande Guerre (2002, filmed play for / verfilmtes Theaterstück für ARTE), Guernsey (2005; CE 2006), Wolfsbergen (2007), Brownian Movement (2010)
Tribute 2011
Nanouk Leopold
Netherlands 2000
82 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Nanouk Leopold
Cinematography Benito Strangio
Editing Katharina Wartena
Sound/Sounddesign Ferry de Pater
Music Harry de Wit
With Maria Kraakman, Manja Topper, Halina Reijn
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