Yvan, a short-tempered man in his forties, sells old American cars. His life isn’t much of a thrill. However, when he surprises Elie breaking into his house one night, he doesn‘t beat him up. Quite the opposite: he develops a strange affection for the adolescent and even decides to drive him back to his parents. This trip will lead them through broad spaces of Belgium filled with improbable characters, and might help Yvan close a chapter of his life forever.

Director's Biography
Bouli Lanners, geboren 1965 in Moresnet-Chapelle, Belgien, ist autodidakter Maler, Ausstatter, Szenenbildner, Regisseur und vielbeschäftigter Schauspieler. Lanners inszenierte ab 1995 sehr erfolgreiche Kurzfilme. Ultranova (2005) ist sein erster abendfüllender Spielfilm.

Filme (Auswahl): Travellinckx (1999, KF), Muno (2001, KF), L‘herbe sous le pied (2004, Dok, Co-Regie Stéfan Liberski), Ultranova (2005), Tenderville (2008, in Arbeit), Scotia (2008, in Arbeit)
European Panorama 2009
Bouli Lanners
Belgium / France 2008
85 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Bouli Lanners
Cinematography Jean-Paul De Zaeytijd
Editing Ewin Ryckaert
Music Renaud Mayeur, An Pierlé & Koen Gisen
With Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon, Didier Toupy, Françoise Chichéry, Stefan Liberski, Babtiste Isaïa, Jean-Jacques Rausin, Renaud Rutten, Jean-Luc Meekers
Produzent Jacques-Henri Bronckart Koproduzent Jérôme Vidal Koproduktion Lazennec & Associés (FR) supported by MEDIA Versus Production Quai de la Goffe 9 4000 Liège Belgien T +32 4 223 1835 info@versusproduction.be www.versusproduction.be