El camíno más largo para volver a casa

The Long Way Home

Joel wakes up with his bedclothes all tumbled. He calls Elvis, his dog, but it doesn't come. He looks for it around the house and finds it motionless, on the verge of death. He calls for help, picks up the huge animal and goes out into the street in search of a solution … perhaps not just for his pet. That's where his erratic and visceral wandering begins. He's furious and tense as he wanders about a faded Barcelona where he will have chance encounters in his desire to return home, to take refuge. (Alfonso Rivera, Cineuropa)

Director's Biography
Sergi Pérez graduated from the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC). His thesis short film THE GOOD AVIATOR was screened at international festivals, such as the San Sebastian International Film Festival. NEW DRESS was nominated for the Student Academy Award (Oscars). THE LONG WAY HOME is his first feature film and premiered at the Sevilla International Film Festival. // Films (selection): EL BUEN AVIADOR (The Good Aviator, 2005, short), VESTIDO NUEVO (New Dress, 2007, short), EL CAMÍNO MÁS LARGO PARA VOLVER A CASA (The Long Way Home, 2014)
Competition Fiction 2015
Sergi Pérez
Spain 2014
85 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Sergi Pérez, Èric Navarro, Roger Padilla
Cinematography Julián Elizalde (A.E.C.), Bet Rourich
Editing Liana Artigal
Sound/Sounddesign Agost Alustiza
Music Àlex Sardà
With Borja Espinosa, Miki Esparbé, Maria Ribera, Pol López, Sara Espígul, Silvia Esquivel
Producer(s) Sergi Pérez, Eduardo Broto, Aritz Cirbián (Niu d’Indi)
Niu d’Indi Gran Via 529, 6-2 08011 Barcelona Spain T +34 936 241 986 hola@niudindi.com www.niudindi.com