Conscious Rap!

curated by: Petra Erdmann Political murders in Serbia, arbitrary police repression in Iceland, amusing wake-up calls about AIDS and safer sex from Spain, parables about soccer and the Berlusconi government, censure of cultural macho behavior toward Turkish women, mobilization against racist slogans in France, English survival strategies in social housing ghettos, criticism of newly rich Slovakians consuming capitalism and child pornography ... With its own political statements European hip hop has emancipated itself from being a faded copy of an American success story. How does rap that deals critically with social political themes in artful rhymes present itself visually? That was one of the starting points for this European survey of current hip hop videos from Europe. Ideally the compilation Conscious Rap! generates an audiovisual map of Europe and its cultural idiosyncrasies and commonalities. An outline that probes continental hip hop for global and local discourses. In Conscious Rap! hip hop is manifested as a popular and catchy means of conveying real-political resistance. This is evident in the clips from the Linz formation Texta or the Ukrainian band Gryndzholy, among others, that are critical of the government. (OmeU) Österreich Texta Widerstand A 2001, Hoanzl, 3:46 Skero Item 7 feat. Aladin Sani & Hubert Tubbs That's life A 2004, Courtesy of the artist, 4:00 Senad Hergic / Item 7 Deutschland Samy Deluxe Meine Generation D 2005, Emi, 3:45 Matthias Freyer Slowakei Cistychov Hanba ti SK 2004, Neighbor Beats/Emi, 2:14 JCJ Production Frankreich La rumeur p.o.r.c F 2005, Emi, 3:20 Raphael Frydman Rumänien Bug Mafia feat. VILLY O Lume Nebuna, Nebuna De Tot RO 2005, rebel music, 4:19 Andreea Paduraru Italien Frankie hi-nrg raplamento I 2005, bmg italia, 4:11 Frankie hi-nrg/Cristian Biondani Schweiz Greis Global CH 2003, chlyklassRecords, 4:26 Dir: Tex Schweden Promoe These walls don‘t lie S 2004, edel, 4:05 Dahlström, Dejert, Haglund Spanien El Chojin Lola E 2001, Boa, 3:56 ALEX Polen Peja Kurewskie Zycie PL 2005, Fonografika, 4:49 Lukasz Tunikowski Ukraine Gryndzholy Razom Nas Bahato UA 2005, Ukrainian Records, 2:37 kinograf productions Türkei Sultana Kusu Kalkmaz TK 2001, bluemoon recordings, 4:12 Umur Turagay Island Brjansi Blod areidum hondum IS 2005, Granir Fingur, 3:38 Grimur Anton Gunnlaugsson UK Skinnyman Council Estate Of Mind UK 2004, self destruct music, 5:05 Greg Hall Serbien Marchelo kuca na promaji CS 2003, bassivity rec., 3:43 Vladimir Markovic-Looney Niederlande Lange Frans & Baas B feat. Ninthe. Zinloos NL 2004, Walboomers music, 4:36 Bosnien-Herzegowina Edo Maajka Pržiii BiH 2004, Menart Andrej Korovljev

Panorama Special 2005
Petra Erdmann
International 2000
ca. 70 minutes
OV with English subtitles