CROSSING EUROPE is KlimaKultur GreenEvent Upper Austria

For several years now, the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz has been working hard towards sustainable and climate-friendly festival work. From consistent waste separation, to more consciousness of the way we use resources, every year we were able to gain more and more important experiences in order to optimize these processes. That is why we are happy to announce that, with the support of the Klimabündnis Oberösterreich, CROSSING EUROPE was awarded with the label KlimaKultur GreenEvent Upper Austria.

With this step CROSSING EUROPE intends to implement sustainability in the long run through its own actions and thereby create a greater awareness holistically on every level of a cultural event of this magnitude and simultaneously recognize the social responsibility we have towards humans and our environment. This is why we want to invite our festival guests and partners to join us in enjoying the festival in an environmentally friendly manner.


Let's Go Green 

That CROSSING EUROPE is a certified GreenEvent OÖ includes many aspects, ranging from the time at the festival itself to the preparation phase of the festival that goes on the year round. Within our team we always try to keep sustainable strategies and methods in mind in our daily activities. Besides the ecological aspects, the intense personal contact to all of our festival partners, sponsors, and funders is very important to us, in order to ensure a long-term collaboration as partners, thereby specifically supporting sustainable attitudes.

Here is an overview of the central ecological and sustainability aspects in regard to the entire process of the festival organization, as well as our “green” partners, without whom the project of “CROSSING EUROPE becomes a KlimaKultur GreenEvent OÖ” would not have been possible - supported by Klimafonds der Stadt Linz.


Mobility – Travel, transport and access to the festival

CROSSING EUROPE wants to encourage its guests to travel to Linz in an environmentally friendly way. We put great focus on sustainable means of travel in our communication, and always carefully plan the itineraries of our international guests. The federal capital is well tied in to the national and international railway network. Once you have arrived in Linz, all the festival locations are easily accessible via public transport – made possible by our long-standing infrastructure partner LINZ AG! In addition to that, it takes only a few minutes on foot or per bicycle to go between festival locations. The festival team also does its best to reduce their own travel to a minimum and to do without air travel.

| Take the Train – Protect the Climate |
CROSSING EUROPE recommends a climate friendly journey with the ÖBB.

| tim – täglich.intelligent.mobil. |
The new mobility initiative of LINZ AG LINIEN (e-)carsharing, rented vehicles, shared taxis, and other mobility offers as an alternative to private

| city bike Linz |
The smart, climate friendly, flexible bicycle rental.

The transport of goods and materials is vital for the event organization. We do our best to organize all the transport in bundles, to rely on alternative means of transportation, or to give a sensible CO2-compensation when it comes to transporting the film copies.

We also want to do our best to reduce social, linguistic, and technical barriers. Almost every festival location is barrier-free, and for general information we rely heavily on the use of pictograms or multilingual signs. If audio descriptions or subtitles were created for the programmed films, we can also offer blind and deaf film fans access to our barrier-free cinemas. In order to avoid hearing impairment from loud volumes (e.g. at the Nightline) we offer hearing protection free of charge.

city bike Linz - the smart, climate friendly, flexible bicycle rental in Linz
Climate Austria – compensation for all flights we book is donated to Austrian environmental initiatives 
Höglinger-Denzel –  on the road more environmentally friendly with a hybrid festival car
Lastenrad of the city of Linz – the environmentally friendly alternative for transporting goods up to 100 kg 
ÖBB – sustainable travel to Linz from all over Europe
tim - the new mobility hub of LINZ AG - At the tim hub, passengers can combine trams or buses with (e-)car sharing cars or rental cars, for example   

All info on environmentally friendly travel can be found HERE.


Catering – food, drinks, and presentation

We do not use single-use plastic dishes, make sure to create as little waste as possible, and consistently separate waste, as well as using reusable containers out of glass, and a deposit system for reusable drinking containers. For our collaborations with sponsors, caterers, and restaurants we rely on partners with organic, fair, local, and seasonal offers. Through exact planning we try and judge the amount and offers as realistically as possible, in order to avoid an excess of food.

Ahoi Street-Food – fresh regional street food in environmentally friendly packaging     
Bar-Café SOLARIS – products from sustainable drinks manufacturers    
Café-Bar Stern – freshly prepared, season and regionally available products    
Gelbes Krokodil –  predominantly seasonal and regionally available products, increasingly from biological cultivation    
k.u.k. Hofbäckerei – fresh and regional baking goods from Linz    
MAKAvA delighted ice tea – real tea from Austrian spring water, organic and fair production      
Vöslauer –  natural mineral water from Austria    
Wanderkoch – organic, sustainable, and regional catering during the festival!


Resources – Waste, advertisement, re and upcycling

For many years we have put a focus on avoiding and separating waste, as well as a strategic use of festival furnishing and decoration.
Our long-term infrastructure partner LINZ AG supports the festival waste separation system in all locations and venues!

Furnishing elements are stored and can be reused, advertisement banners and tarps are reused and reworked by local partners (to make e.g. bags). For our prints (recycling and FSC certified paper), festival media and advertisement and production means we put a lot of value on sensible and responsible use. We also ask of our partners to deliver materials in well-balanced quantities. The festival office focuses on a “green” provider for office and work materials in the day-to-day business.

ARGE Trödlerladen – second hand furniture for the offices and lounges in the festival locations    
Print & Service – our printing partner relies on recycled paper, as well as FSC and environmentally certified types of paper    
EUROPACK – sustainable festival bags made from FSC certified paper     
Fatima Änderungsschneiderei und Nähküche – Upcycling of CROSSING EUROPE banners and advertisement signs into bags    
Dr. Hauschka – natural cosmetics that do not rely on animal testing 

Festival poster € 2 (A2 + A1, 100% Recycling paper, design by d.signwerk)
Festival paper bag € 2 (unbleached fsc-certified, produced by EUROPACK)
Upcycling bags from € 19 (in different sizes and designs, from previous Crossing Europe advertising banners or flags – produced by Fatima Änderungsschneiderei & Nähkuche)
// During the festival, the products are sold in the guest/press office. 1 to 6 June, 2021 //